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What is logistics

Hi to everyone, my topic today is to understand what logistics is.

So first of all, when we talk about logistics or supply chain management we talk about supplying goods or services to someone. This someone could be a restaurant a supermarket or even a house. So for example when you shop form supermarket goods for home, you supply your home.

Logistics – The science of planning, organizing and managing activities that provide goods or services. — (MDC, LogLink / LogisticsWorld, 1997)

Of course, when your needs is growing so the supply management becomes more and more complex. Logistics  is something that a company could manage it self or it could give to a logistic company the management . This company called third party logistics (3PL). this means that between the customer and the supplier is a third one that manage to take the goods and distribute where the customer want.


How supply management works

So in the picture  you see the supplier who has the raw material/plastic and that goes to warehouse which manufacture plastic chairs, this chairs take a 3pl company AKA the distributor who distribute in shops and there are the chairs available to buy from the customers

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