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Hello guys sorry for my long period of not posting some case study but i was busy with work etc.

So My next case study it is about the reorganization of Ford supply chain management. This case study is an another  fine example that show how logistics can really save money.


Ford Motor Company, one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers, has worked with Penske on several Six Sigma initiatives. As its lead logistics provider (LLP), Penske’s quality team of associates are trained in Six Sigma practices and work closely with Ford to streamline operations and create and maintain a more centralized logistics network. Together, they uncovered several areas for real cost savings as a result of reducing inbound carrier discrepancies, eliminating unnecessary premium costs and reducing shipment overages. Plus, Penske implemented accountability procedures and advanced logistics management technologies to gain more visibility of its overall supply network.

Here you will find the artical as a PDF my analysis is in this Power point

I hope you will enjoy it.

Because we love logistics

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