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Modeling procedures

Modeling procedures

I present you my poster for 3rd ICSC to be held in athens on 7-8 of November


Main objectives of the research were first to describe every aspect of the procedures and secondly build function flowcharts that will give us clear results. We chose to use the qualitative method in order to analyze the situation of the company’s warehouse. In order to see how the warehouse actually works, a questionnaire was created and handed out to warehouse employees who were also interviewed. Consequently, we analyzed their answers and we created charts to see, in numbers, the current situation of the warehouse. We also created forms with descriptions for each one. . The results that you find in the flowcharts are many, but the main focus is the average implementation time. The theoretical background of the poster was based on information gathered from the Internet, books and magazines. With this research, the mechanics of how a warehouse works are explored and the average implementation time for every one of the procedures is determined. The importance of the research lies with the fact that, if you know how long each procedure takes to be completed, you can set such objectives as to lower the implementation time and set performance indicators for each process.

Here you will find my poster its in greek languege and sorry for that but it is for a greek convention

I hope you will enjoy it.

See you in athens!!!

Because we love logistics

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