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Mercedes-Benz: Implementing a CRM Programme

Mercedes-Benz: Implementing a CRM Programme

My next case study It has little to do with logistics but CRM playing a very big part in supply chain managment.


Mercedes-Benz is one of the world’s most successful premium brands. Its technical perfection, innovative design features and numerous car legends have made the Mercedes star one the world’s best known trademarks today.Historically, Mercedes-Benz was sold in the UK through a franchised network of some 138 dealerships. Each of these was autonomous, with the exception of three dealerships owned by the distributor DaimlerChrysler UK (DCUK). DaimlerChrysler had relatively little control over relationships between dealers and customers. Dealers managed their own relationships including customer research, data base management, acquisition and
retention processes. In the late 1990s,research suggested that some Mercedes-Benz customers were less than happy with the service they received. Although the technical quality of the product was highly regarded, customers complained that the service that they received was not of the same high standard. This translated into declining customer satisfaction and increased defection. DCUK recognised that the entire chain of relationships between manufacturer, dealers and customers needed a new approach.

Here you will find the artical as a PDF my analysis in power point

I hope you will enjoy it.

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